Motivate Your Child to Read the News at any Age

Your child is not too young to read the news and Newsela is the best way for students to master nonfiction in any subject.  Newsela is a web-based new service that aggregates news articles and provides each article at different reading levels.  The best part... it's FREE!

I've been using Newsela with students for over two years now, and it helps me gauge my student's reading level, because each article provides a short comprehension quiz.  

Newsela's large selection gives students choice and choice drives motivation.  When my student is excited about a story, I up the Lexile level of the article.  In one session, Richard, a second grader, read an opinion piece from the Washington Post entitled, "Opinion: Black Superhero Nighthawk Fought Real-World Problems." Because he was familiar with the character and generally excited about superheros, I upped the reading level to 840L Grade 5. We had an interesting conversation about the article; afterwards, he scored a 100% on the comprehension quiz. 

Newsela is very convenient to use, offering web-based access and apps across all major platforms—giving our kids something constructive to do with their phones and tablets.  So sign up for Newsela at or find it in your app store.

Do you currently use Newsela with your children or students?  If so, please comment in the section below.  Do you have a child who struggles with reading, or is generally unmotivated to read independently?  Would you like to find new ways to challenge your well performing students well past their grade level?  If so, email me at if you'd like to schedule a free consultation on how to improve your child's reading level or general performance in school.