Violent Video Games Can Lead to Bad Behavior

Violent video games could affect kids in negative ways because they can make the kids that play them have harmful ideas that may cause them to carry out bad behaviors in the real world. Kids under fifteen years old should not be able to play them.

Violent video games make kids have more aggressive behaviors. The aggressive behaviors kids can learn from the video game are cursing, stealing, fighting, drinking, and drugs. For example a kid in my class likes to curse, fight, and one day he even made the teacher cry. He gets sent to the dean almost every day throughout the whole week. When asked about the video games he plays Grand Theft Auto was the first game he mentioned.

In the article, “Playing Violent Video Games: Good or Bad?” from Psychology Today it says, “the player learns to associate to violence with pleasure”. This means that the kids get addicted to behaviors from the game such as fighting, drugs, cursing, stealing, killing, and so on.This is dangerous because it can lead to getting expelled from school and you can may get arrested and go to jail. Not only can you go to jail but you could mess with the wrong person and then you could be the one ending up getting hurt. One last thing is that it could affect your job because they will know your record of offenses.

To conclude, this is why I think violent video games could affect kids in negative way and they could do harmful stuff. Parents should keep an eye on what their kids play. Violent video games such as “Grand Theft Auto” are rated “M” for mature seventeen and older and it can stay out of the kids hands by showing a license to the seller to verify age. Meanwhile kids can seek out more positive games that will lead to good behavior.

Submitted by Rumualda, Age 11